High Value Solutions for High Value Clients.
Redgum provide consulting and software development services, applying the right technologies to put our Clients in control of their business.

We offer a carefully designed processes to guide our customers from concept to a solution that works for their business and their market.

We guard against risk to your business, your money and your customers. Industry research shows that 80% of medium to large IT projects fail. Redgum work with a not-to-be-exceeded capital burn rate that we can guarantee you will never overrun. Learn how …

We are immersed in technology and understand the impact that change has on markets.

We provide peace of mind to our customers as we assist them to manage and implement new technologies, enabling them to save money and tap into new markets to gain competitive advantage.

We are problem solvers and have prevented several customers from operational disruption by reacting quickly.

We have built long term customer relationships for over 15 years across more than 30 industries, with customers ranging from 1 to 10,000 employees.

Our customers continually return as their businesses grow, to further align with market and technology changes.

Our passion is in delivering solutions that our customers need, our satisfaction comes from delivering optimal results repeatedly and consistently.

We have delivered a diverse range of projects

  • Payment Reconciliation Processor

    Redgum Technologies created a new automated process for them that ensured data was clean and consistent before it was imported into the main membership management system.

    • Reduced effort from 6 people full time to 1 person for 1 week per month
    • Consistent and comprehensive checking inline with Auditing requirements
    • Automated checklists allow staff to focus on adding value rather than keeping head above water
  • Health & Fitness Portal

    Online fitness portal enabling fitness companies, trainers and clients to work together in tracking the health profile of their clients.

    • Enabled the creation of an entire franchise business model
    • Enabling gyms to increase retention rates of clients
    • Ensures trainers adhere to medical regulations
  • Cross Edition Viewer

    Provides an enterprise wide window into all editions currently being created, showing the details of every page and advert for every title.

    • Compare layouts side by side of each newspaper page for all titles company wide, 6 months prior to publication
    • Reduce sales cycle information gathering from days to minutes
    • Allows detailed forward planning which reduces sales cycle, increases revenue and reduces cost of “make goods”
    • Enables new processes by providing a single point of reference for group based management,

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  • The Australian Grand Prix Corporation had a Credentials Online System that needed a major facelift and process overhaul to allow stakeholders to navigate through the system easily and with fewer complications. Having already established a long and pr …

  • It has been great working with Redgum to develop this new software for my company. After my previous experiences with other developers it was great working Redgum.

    Your Blueprint process and advice for a non-technical person made it clear wh …

  • The team at Advanced Publishing Systems and Redgum Technologies have proven to be consistent deliverers of high quality solutions, products and services. The development of their latest generation of technology products such as the Optima, SalesViewe …



So what do we have to offer you?

Redgum have a series of packages designed to focus in on your specific needs

  • Adopt and Extend

    This package is for those who have an existing legacy application, and need help to keep it running in order to

    • Keep the business getting the most out of their investment.
    • Keep the system relevant to the daily operation.
    • keep the operational costs low and avoid growing workarounds.
  • Translate your App to Windows8/RT

    For companies with an existing App on either iOS or Android, Redgum will provide a 3-tiered service to translate it to the new Windows 8 / RT platform. This allows you to:

    • take advantage of an emerging market before it gets saturated.
    • open up new revenue streams
    • reach new corporate customers.
  • Custom Quoting Application

    Redgum provide a range of building blocks to enable our customers to rapidly define and build specific estimation and quoting solutions that can be utilized to improve your quoting and ordering process:

    • Remove key staff and product experts as the bottle neck in your process
    • Provide a considerable reduction in the risks associated with poor quoting
    • Ensure latest pricing and customer specific pricing is applied

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Or select from our à la carte menu to start you off

  • Concept Workshops

    This is a series of workshops which guides you from an initial understanding of the problem or idea through to an agreed achievable target. Outcomes are

    • practical understanding of key issues, solutions, benefits and revenue streams
    • tool for communicating concepts to gain feedback and engagement
    • a means of minimizing risks around early product direction
    • understanding next steps to deliver a best fit solution
  • Storyboard Workshops

    The story boarding process enables you to see how the solution will come together.

    • key areas and screen drafts for the system
    • high level user workflows through these screens and reports
    • drafts or mockups of screens

    This provides a clear, common picture of what is going to be developed in order to decide on a path for the project.

  • Existing application review

    We review an existing system, measuring the effectiveness and risks, and recommend changes, enhancements and its ability to evolve. We provide

    • a report on your system as it stands now and key risk analysis
    • enables realistic planning around changes to the system
  • Design Adoption

    This enables us to take your ideas to deliver a high quality product. It provides

    • confidence that your ideas can be implemented and a clear picture of what needs to be built
    • knowledge that risks around architecture, design, engineering and quality have been addressed
    • a consistent specification and validation process which ensures appropriate delivery of solutions

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Who will you be dealing with?

We put all our developers in front of our clients and users in order to reduce the disconnect between what is asked for and what is built. Toyota calls this Genchi Genbutsu which translates to “go and see”, or “you only truly understand it until you have lived it”, “walk a mile in another persons shoes”.

We have seen that there is a huge amount of complexity involved in developing software, most of it comes from the fact that programmers are telling a computer how to do something that they have never actually done themselves. Like create a newspaper, run a call center, be a nurse managing aged care patients. You have probably dealt with systems developed by programmers that only make sense to the developer writing it, and the system definitely doesn’t feel like it assists the end user in anyway … more it expects, demands and assumes.

This is a large part of the reason why we do not offshore, its hard enough understanding what its like when you’re sitting next to someone let alone communicating the need to someone from a different language, culture and background.

On the technical side

All technologies have strengths and weaknesses, techies get hung up on why X is the one true way. We believe in using the right tool for the job, to achieve the objective you have, in the shortest time with the minimum risk.

We invest a lot of time continually sourcing and qualifying technologies so that we can provide an appropriate, qualified set of options to meet the goals you have and stay the course in the long term.

Because we will be supporting and maintaining solutions ongoing, our goal is to design and select for maintainability and source for longevity. We balance this against speed of development

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