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We have worked with a number of businesses to help them improve an existing application suitable for either commercial sale or internal usage.

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  • Simavita

    Simavita approached Redgum to develop a solution that assists the aged care industry with the issue of incontinence. Simavita had developed a system which aims to be able to predict incontinence events. They required Redgum to take their initial proof of concept and transform it into a 24/7 stabilised product with a user friendly interface suitable for nurses within an aged care facility.

    Redgum were able to fine tune the existing concept by using the correct formulas, and make into an easy to use finished product.




    •Provide continuous monitoring of patients
    •Provide predictive analytics
    •Provide a nurse friendly user interface and alerting
    •Huge ongoing cost savings to care facilities
    •Improved quality of life for patients
    •Provide guidance on toileting
    •Provide guidance on stock usage
    •Reduced burden on care givers
    •ITAC award winner


    Callsys Sales and Marketing

    Callsys are an Australian company that provide call centre management solutions to small and medium sized businesses or departments within large organisations. Callsys approached Redgum to revitalise and improve their existing call centre application.

    The technology introduced real time management reporting to CallSys, allowing call centre managers to track to-the-minute volume of calls, average call lengths, drop outs etc. With this valuable information, Callsys was able to expand their operation from 16 people with 3 managers to up to 200 staff any only 8 managers. The real time management reports developed by Redgum provided Callsys with critical call centre management reports that allowed them to scale up and expand the call centre without the costly management overheads.




    •Provide call routing
    •Provide tooling to enable real time management
    •Inbound and outbound call management
    •Provided predictive dialling capabilities
    •Enabled a customer to grow from 16 operators to over 200 in 9 months
    •Significantly reduced the need for management overhead
    •Provided a continuous real time picture of the entire call centre
    •Interfaced with Wallboards to feed key management metrics to the floor in real time.
    •Grew into an entire product suite
    •Won industry award raising profile of the technology and company

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